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  • Raja Speet
    • Raja Speet
    • Project Manager - Netherlands
  • Erwin Peter  -  Business Consultant in Switzerland
    • Erwin Peter - Business Consultant in Switzerland
    • Project Manager - Switzerland
  • Cosima Riehl
    • Cosima Riehl
    • Project Manager - Germany
  • Soraya Cansse
    • Soraya Cansse
    • Project Manager - France
  • Julio Salgado  -  Business Consultant in Switzerland
    • Julio Salgado - Business Consultant in Switzerland
    • Project Manager - Switzerland

We are in Switzerland as SwissHelios


We are opening a new Swiss Company under the name SwissHelios Gmbh as a joint venture with Erwin Peter and Julio Salgado who are established consultants and experienced IT project managers. We are collaborating to get one step closer to our Swiss, German & French partners and clients.

We are extremely happy to announce that we will be able to reach out our partners even more efficiently. We wish to bridge the gap by serving our clients in a better way through a consultant and a project manager near to you in your home country having expertise of industrial domains and experience.

Along with this, you will still continue to have European native project managers in India to coordinate between our clients and the development team.

With SwissHelios, we are not just one step closer to our clients, but we will enable our clients with:

  • A native consultant and project manager onsite while the development process for effective communication.
  • A very secure contract enforceable as per the swiss laws with a company registered in Switzerland as SwissHelios.
  • The most cost effective solutions as the development team will be based in India.
  • Whenever required, a development team can be enabled onsite in Europe for implementation.

Swiss businesses, hear out! It’s happening; your trustworthy technology solution partner will be soon with you in the land of ideas.

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  1. Nimit Shah

    Awesome! Keep up the great work!


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