Sencha Touch

Helios Solutions uses a very structured Sencha Touch app development approach to streamline your business and take care of all your Sencha Touch development from conception to its completion. With the latest update to Sencha Touch application development has expanded making Sencha Touch app development vital for every business.

Sencha Touch is a high-performance HTML5 mobile application framework that allows you to build great mobile apps for a wide array of platforms using HTML5. Sencha Touch development can leverage over 50 built-in components, state management, and a built-in MVC system.


  • Business apps development

  • Games apps development

  • Web service integration

  • Social networking applications

  • Language conversion applications

  • M-commerce solutions

  • Travel and lifestyle applications

  • Widget development


  • Conceptualization and wire-framing

  • Design development

  • Application development

  • Application testing

  • Google Play app store submission

  • Application promotion

Why Outsource Sencha Touch Projects to Helios Solutions?

Helios Solutions can identify the rising potential of Sencha Touch app development. Our Sencha Touch developers have built numerous top class apps for our worldwide partners. The Sencha Touch application developers manage the whole development process from the conception to the completion of the project. It also includes bug fixing, testing and uploading of the application.

The biggest achievement of Helios Solutions is bridging the cultural & communication gap by hiring native European Project managers in India to take care of your projects. This ensures your outsourcing experience to India is the same as if you were working with a European partner.

Outsourcing your Sencha Touch Apps projects to Helios Solutions is reliable because we offer:

  • Highly skilled Sencha Touch Specialists, Developers and Team Managers.

  • We have 2 years of experience in developing high quality Sencha Touch applications.

  • Highly competitive prices compared to your home country.

  • Even after completion of project, support from Helios Solutions is prompt, which is much better experience than a Sencha Touch Freelancer.

  • It is much more cost effective to outsource your projects to Helios Solution in India as compared to a Sencha Touch Freelancer in Europe.