Helios Solution has completed a large number of custom programming development projects working with Microsoft Technologies. Our skilled engineers and designers have done a large quantity of work in PHP Technology application development and have coded apps for a broad spectrum of verticals and areas.

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Over the last few years, PHP has become increasingly popular in the enterprise space, both on account of its friendly licensing terms and its ease of use in building robust, secure applications. Over the past five years PHP adoption within the enterprise has accelerated, and it is now growing rapidly.

The ecosystem and the solutions around PHP have matured to make it a strong contender for driving standardization within corporate IT. PHP is designed for building Web applications that are scalable up to a very large number of users.

Features of PHP

  • Supports rapid Application development using different development frameworks

  • Cost-saving

  • Many different open source CMS available which run on LAMP servers

  • Large community to support the technology

  • Always updated and therefore upgraded functionality

  • Easy to learn and deploy

At Helios Solutions we have developers that are specialized in the following frameworks

  • CakePHP

  • Zend Development

  • Core PHP

  • PHP / Smarty

  • Open Source CMS

  • MVC framework

  • Ajax

  • XML

Why Outsource PHP Projects to Helios Solutions?

With excellent group of PHP experts we give valuable solutions to our customers across Europe. Our proficiency in PHP technology aids us to convey best services to our customer base.

Biggest achievements by Helios Solutions is bridging the cultural & communication gap as we have hired native European Project managers in India to take care of your projects, which ensures your outsourcing experience to India is the same as if you were working with a European partner.

Outsourcing your PHP projects to Helios Solutions is more reliable because we offer:

  • Highly skilled PHP Specialists, Developers and Team Manager  

  • We have good experience in developing high quality websites development solutions

  • Highly competitive prices as compared to your home country

  • Even after completion of project, support from Helios Solutions is prompt, which is much better experience than a PHP Freelancer

  • It is much more cost effective to outsource your projects to Helios Solution in India as compared to a PHP Freelancer in Europe