Ext JS

Ext JS is a pure and comprehensive JavaScript application framework for building dynamic, complex and cross platform web applications. It offers rich & unique UI components and object oriented development. Ext JS is best suited for creating native applications and single page web applications that are compatible across multiple platforms. It is highly customizable and therefore your app can have the desired features and widgets that make it attractive and accessible for users. Create web applications for businesses with the team of Ext JS Experts.

Features of Ext JS

  • Uses Single Code Base
  • Rich HTML Application using JavaScript
  • Based on MVVM Architecture
  • Two Way Data Binding, Interactive Themes & Responsive Layouts
  • RestFUL APIs & Documentation Suite
  • Touch Optimized Charting Package & Big Data Analytics

Advantages of Ext JS

  • Object Oriented Framework
  • High Performance User Interface
  • Highly Customizable
  • Multi Platform
  • Faster Prototyping
  • Compatible with Modern & Legacy Browsers

Consider Outsourcing Ext JS Development

  • Get team skillful Ext JS Specialists, developers and team managers based on project model.
  • With an experience of more than 7 years in Ext JS development, get the most robust solutions.
  • Get a cover post development of the project with extensive support and guidance from Ext JS development expert.
  • Avail cost effective development in India with Ext JS Web Development Company in comparison to Ext JS freelance developers in Europe.