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Instantly share and promote your online business products on the increasingly popular instant social messenger and now, a WordPress Plugin – “HS WhatsApp Share”.

HS WhatsApp Share” wordpress plugin empowers the WhatsApp users to share product details through WhatsApp with Individual users and groups when browsing your webstore through a mobile device. Users receiving this promotion link on their WhatsApp group can click and get directed to the product page containing images, pricing and product description of the product you want to promote. This will help improve the traffic to your online store and result into increased sales conversion.

Why I should install “HS WhatsApp Share Pro” on my Website.

“HS WhatsApp Share Pro” as a wordpress plugin offers out-of the box few of the finest marketing features-

  • Most of the people spend more time on WhatsApp than any other social messenger, this means, there is a potential for brands to connect to a larger number of customers and get their product promotion ‘go viral’
  • Customized promotion message can be sent as texts and URL links at anytime from anywhere to reach the targeted market.
  • HS WhatsApp Share Pro button on mobile phone works like “Email to Friend” option, only this is much faster and happens in real-time, resulting into reaching targeted market instantly
  • This extension might help to increase the number of feedback and reviews about the product as many people are using social messenger service like Whatsapp in day to day life.

  • HS WhatsApp Share Pro: By installing “HS WhatsApp Share Pro” on your webstore and sharing the products and promotion links through it.
  • WhatsApp marketing : Can Create campaign groups in WhatsApp and spread the product related information across the globe for free
  • The size of the button can be customized according the users choice, to share on the site
  • User can easily share product Details like Product Name, Description, Price, along with the URL
  • WhatsApp integration is extremely easy to install and use

HS WhatsApp Share Pro” a WordPress sharing plugin is supported only on mobile devices like Apple and Android and lends its benefits to our users, especially our international clients. With over millions of active users, adding this share option to the ecommerce site will certainly help increase, both traffic and content management.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I am expecting more interesting topics from you. And this was nice content and definitely it will be useful for many people.

  2. Hi,
    I would like to send offers and product notifications to my customers. Can this Api will address my requirement. Hom many max message can we able to send at a time.
    Every day i have to push news and updates to my customer.

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