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Embed the modified Social Media Buttons, like – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest to your Web-site.

Insert Simple Social Buttons to your web-site and increase your business by means of these Social Sharing buttons. This is the finest WordPress plugin as it can be modified and can be placed to the: Right or left side of the page & with customisable crown margins. Endeavour to make the greatest with Social Media Buttons – like – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest and show your content to millions through Simple Social Buttons.

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  1. Rated 2 out of 5

    good plugin

  2. magento ce 1.9.1
    I too getting 404 not found when trying to add just one link.
    also tried saving config with out changing anything. , same result.
    is there a “pre-flight” check list?

    • after flushing cache, dont forget to logout and login .
      problem solved.

  3. Hi there. I’m having problems adding Instagram account information to the site I’m currently working on. This is their Instagram account link: http://instagram.com/openbenchproject/
    When I enter the link and click the “save settings” button I’m met with the following 404 page:

    I’ve tried several times to get it to work. Any suggestions? Many thanks. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for using our extension. Please send the Site URL, back-end details on [email protected] because we have tried the same thing on our local server and its working fine. Our Support Team will look into this and solve your problem as soon as possible.

    • I am having the same issue and need a solution. Thanks.

  4. What is the selector to use if I want to change the color of the buttons? I’ve used the following CSS code but it doesn’t seem to be working:
    .social-icon {
    color: #990000 !important;

    • Hello Kathy,

      Thank you for using our plugin, if you want to change the background color then you need to add like this
      .social-icon {
      background-color: #990000 !important;

      and if you want to change text color then you need to add like this
      .social-text {
      color: #dddddd;

      • Thank you! I appreciate your time.

  5. Thanx for the plugin. Can I add Yelp to the list, somehow?

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