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Plentiful CMS website requires a section for FAQ’s. HS Responsive Category FAQ Plugin authorizes you to include, examine and show FAQ on your web-site.

HS Responsive Category FAQ Plugin attaches a FAQ page in your web-site with jQuery accordian like effect with CSS 3 , and doesn’t require jQuery. Therefore, loading is quicker as compared to alike other plugins. You can in addition add your own convention CSS from backend to modify the front view of HS Responsive Category FAQ Plugin.
HS Responsive Category FAQ Plugin allows you to reduce the consumer queries by its stylish-design.

14 reviews for HS Responsive Category FAQ

  1. Dear Sirs,
    I love Your HS Responsive Category FAQ.
    Could You help me, I would like to use the accordion, that the first question at page load is opened and only that one.
    Is there any way to do that? It is not a problem, if I have to edit the source code.

    Thanks in advanced!

    Best regards!

    • Hello Gyurci,

      Thank you for using our plugin. You do not have to modify the source code of the plugin. Simply you just have to add the following jQuery into your footer.php

      Find the ID of the first question which you want to be opened using the tool like firebug for mozilla or by pressing F12 for chrome browser. There you can find the ID of input type , for example
      HS responsive FAQ

      Here your ID is ac-73. So in your footer.php just write down following line of code of Jquery.

      HS responsive FAQ

      Hopefully this will solve your problem.

      Thank you

      • Thanks, Your solution works perfectly, I am very happy with it! : )

  2. I am using your HS FAQ WordPress plugin. I tried entering CSS to make changes for the front end layout to reduce the line space. I tried it with p { line-height: normal; }
    br { line-height: 1.5in; }
    blockquote { line-height: 85%; } What is the correct syntax to do this within the boxes?

    and my accordion does not close after clicking a second time one the same item. i use Firefox 31.0

    • Hello Mario,
      Thank you for using our plugin. Can you please explain what exactly you have to do with the layout? Then we can help you with the CSS.

      And for following question “my accordion does not close after clicking a second time one the same item”

      You can change the input types in core plugin file.. As explained in comment above.

  3. I am using the HS Responsive Category FAQ and I really like your work. My question is how to turn off the auto-collapse of the accordion.

    For example, my FAQ has 6 categories with numerous entries in each category. When I click on a category, it expands out. When I click on the next category, it expands and the previous one collapses. Due to the number of entries in each category, you then have to scroll back up to the top.

    Is there a way to turn this auto-collapse of the previous category off so that it stays expanded?

    Thank you for a great plug-in!!!!

    • Hello Bill Helton,

      Thank you for using our plugin. To change this you have to change in plugin’s file. First to go your plugin folder then follow this path


      In the frontend.php file go to line number 12 and 68
      Where you can find this line

      In above line you can find following


      Change type=”radio” with following.


      This will solve the problem for you… Thank you

  4. Is there any way to order the categories and FAQ questions within the WordPress Plugin?
    I’d like them in a fixed sequence rather than random or alpha.

    • Thank you for using our plugin. Currently the plugin does not allow changing orders of categories or questions and answers. But if you want this functionality we can customize the plugin for you.

  5. Hi. Thanks for this plugin. Just a question. It seems not to work on ie8 and the other older version. Isn’it? or it’s just my website problem? thank you

    • Hello Chiara,

      Thank you for using our plugin. We are happy to help. As this plugin uses css3, it wont work in IE 8 and below, as those browsers are outdated and does not support CSS3.

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