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Plentiful CMS website requires a section for FAQ’s. HS Responsive Category FAQ Plugin authorizes you to include, examine and show FAQ on your web-site.

HS Responsive Category FAQ Plugin attaches a FAQ page in your web-site with jQuery accordian like effect with CSS 3 , and doesn’t require jQuery. Therefore, loading is quicker as compared to alike other plugins. You can in addition add your own convention CSS from backend to modify the front view of HS Responsive Category FAQ Plugin.
HS Responsive Category FAQ Plugin allows you to reduce the consumer queries by its stylish-design.

14 reviews for HS Responsive Category FAQ

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am using your HS Responsive Category FAQ WordPress plugin.

    if more text in faq question Desktop view is fine. if i am going for mobile and tablet view it is going to out side.

  2. Hi, is there a way to order the faqs ? how can i order them ?

    • Hello Pablo,
      Thank you for using our plugin, but in current version there is no functionality for order, We will implement it in our future version.

  3. When I include the code in my wordpress page, the content of whole page comes twice including heading/page title. 🙁

    • Hello Arif,

      Thank you for using our plugin. Can you please send us your site details (Site URL, backend login details and FTP details) on following email address. So that we can have a look whats causing the problem.

      Email- [email protected]

      • Bom dia, instalei o plug-in no meu site e o contéudo dele duplica, você poderá ver no endereço (http://tdmservicos.infinitt.com.br/teste-servicos/)
        gostaria muito de utilizar seu plug-in, você pode me ajudar neste erro?

        ficarei muito grato se puder ajudar


        Wellington Gusmão

        • Hello Wellington

          Can you try switching to default theme? It might be the conflict with your currently activated theme.

          Thank you.

  4. Hi

    It is not doing anything, when I click on the arrow to close the box. All other functions are working fine

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