Wordcamp Vegas, 2015 – An opportunity to build incredible business or career in WordPress Technology

Wordcamp Vegas 2015 is a one day workshop that teaches you how to build an incredible business or career in WordPress. Attendees will receive valuable tips, training and useful guidelines, as well as have the opportunity to connect with other successful professionals in the industry. WP BootCamp Las Vegas is perfect for those who seek career and success and aspire to be seasoned professionals.

Happy Joe, a non-profit organization that specializes in helping veterans launch successful businesses or careers in the web technology industry, will be joining this scintillating event.

Event Details:


  • September 19th & 20th , 2015


  • 7:45am to 3:00pm


  • The innevation Centre, 6795 Edmond St. 3rd Floor

    Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

The event will incorporate the following topics:

  • Discovering The Amazing Opportunities in WordPress technology
  • Starting Off Right with WordPress (Advice, Skills, Products,Training, Resources)
  • Focusing On Your Strengths (Designer, Developer, or programmer?)
  • Building Your Brand and Reputation
  • Learning how to market your technical skills
  • Tips to earn More Money and effectively Sell Your Valued Services
  • Getting started with WordPress Companies
  • Achieving success as a Business Owner or Freelancer
  • Questions and Answers Session

To learn more about this grand event, its main content and detailed schedule, please refer to https://vegas.wordcamp.org/2015/