Wordcamp Scranton, 2015 – A day to have fun with WordPress

Wordcamp Scranton is a one day event focusing on everything WordPress, from setting up a site to using the APIs.

Wordcamps are informal, community organized events put together by WordPress users. Everyone from casual users to core developers, participates, share ideas and gets to know each other.

The event will be full of WordPress Specialist focused talks, sponsors, networking events, swag and an after-party.

Event Details:


  • July 18th, 2015


  • To Be Determined


  • Johnson College

    3427 N. Main Avenue

    Scranton, PA 18508

Session Topics:

  • WP3D: Using WordPress to power 3D environments
  • Developing locally with ServerPress
  • Birthing a child theme
  • Keynote: Coming back to WordPress
  • Thinking like WordPress: Or, how I learnt to stop worrying and love the paradigm
  • 19 Plugins you should be using
  • Teaching WordPress
  • Multisite network do’s and don’t’s – Experience from some enterprise solutions
  • The next step in Responsive Design: RESS
  • New Users: Make WordPress your friend
  • WordPress for Schools
  • WordPress upgrades: Ready, Set, Go!

To learn more about the event and scheduled time, please visit, https://scranton.wordcamp.org/2015/2015/05/11/its-official-wordcamp-scranton-is-july-18th/