Wordcamp Raleigh 2015 – an event of mutual excitement and shared knowledge

Wordcamp is a community-organized event that takes you to an unhurried, enlightening ride through all the WordPress aspects, bringing to life the worldwide software phenomenon called WordPress.

This whole event welcomes you to gracefully step inside the world of WordPress just to enjoy its superior benefits. No matter what you are, either a software development expert or a WordPress development specialist, or just a simple blogger, if you contribute or subscribe to WordPress services, you can participate in this event.

It is all about expert development and exploration of different and unique breakthroughs and commendable discoveries that are blooming in the WordPress technology. It is an exciting celebration of the importance of WordPress in our day to day life.


  • College of Engineering
    North Carolina State University
    890 Oval Dr, Raleigh, NC 27606


  • 10th and 11th October

Event Schedule

Detailed schedule with time and sessions goal is yet to go online; for latest details on Wordcamp Ralegh 2015, you can access https://raleigh.wordcamp.org/2015

  • The topics included will highlight the following
  • Playing Well With Others: Welcoming Jordan Cauley To WordCamp Raleigh
  • Building a Plugin: The Best Way to Smoke That Particular Brisket
  • What A Beginner Needs to Know: Welcoming Dylan Ryan
  • Learning Online Business: Welcoming Lee Blue To WordCamp
  • Sharing Is For Kindergarteners: Setting up (Good) WordPress Hosting for $5 per month.
  • Using WordPress for Events: Welcoming Jeremy Davis to WordCamp Raleigh
  • Worth a Thousand Words (But Not if They Don’t Load): Welcoming Peter Baylies
  • Speaker Announcement: Patrick Stox
  • Speaker Announcement: Welcoming Ray Mitchell To WordCamp Raleigh
  • Speaker Announcement: Welcoming Jen Riehle McFarland to WordCamp Raleigh
  • WordPress can build your Business: Welcoming Andrea Olson to WordCamp Raleigh
  • Level Up As a Developer: Build bigger stuff that won’t break
  • Revenue from Free Plugins: Welcoming Ben Meredith To WordCamp Raleigh
  • No-code Millionaire: Welcoming David Bentley to WordCamp Raleigh
  • Learning Curve, Meet Your Match: Welcoming Corey Freeman to #WCRaleigh

The official website that hosts the event will be your best resort in case you need to find more details about it. Go to https://raleigh.wordcamp.org/2015 and help yourself with required information.