WordCamp Montreal 2016

WordCamp is among the most popular WordCamps in the year for bloggind and CMS software. It is two day event for WordPress bloggers and WordPress developers where you get a chance to meet WordPress Development Specialist and Speakers sharing their knowledge and experience in WordPress development. They will be holding workshops in French and English. This will avail opportunities for networking and other outdoor activities to explore the life in Montreal. To get the tickets to the conference, click here: https://2016.montreal.wordcamp.org/tickets/

Event Details:-


  • 23rd – 24th July, 2016


  • John Molson School of Busine

    1450 Rue Guy, Montréal, QC H3H 0A1, Canada

Event Schedule:-


  • Tiny Little Pieces: Designing And Developing With Pattern Libraries – Lucas Cherkewski
  • Ça Sent La Découpe – Michal Bluma
  • Frameworks For Freelancers – Double Time It! – Shelly Peacock
  • Engage Your Audience Now: Purposeful Content Design For Beginners – Alison Knott


  • Testing WordPress: It Doesn’T Actually Suck – Max Kovalenkov
  • The Case For The Rest Api, Why Do We Even Need It? – Roy Sivan
  • Rtfm: Documentation For Developers – Mo Jangda
  • Behind The Curtain: Reviewing Plugins For WordPress.Org – Mika Epstein
  • Getting Started With Child Themes – Nick Adams
  • Don’T Fear The Custom Theme: How To Build A Custom WordPress Theme With Only Four Files – Linn Øyen Farley
  • Simplifying Flexible Content With Advanced Custom Fields – Sasha Endoh
  • How To Catch Regression Faster Using Acceptance Testing – Jonathan Bardo
  • Techniques Pour Déployer WordPress De Façon Consistante Et Les Rendre Résilients – Renoir Boulanger
  • La Manipulation D’Url Et Surindexation De WordPress – Marie-Lynn Richard
  • Levelling Up Your WordPress Development Workflow – Dara Skolnick
  • WordPress Et React: Le Meilleur Des Deux Mondes, En Plus Du Rendu Serveur! – Ziad Saab
  • Automatiser Les Performances De WordPress Avec Le Module Pagespeed De Google – Eric Valois


  • How To Brand Your WordPress Site – Tippi Thole
  • How To Succeed As An Independent Blogger – Brian Rotsztein
  • Beyond Social Media: Why Influencers Will Need An Exit Strategy – Jessica Nudo
  • Lay Of The Landing Page: Building Great Marketing Campaigns On WordPress – Mohamed Hamad, Liesl Barrell
  • Content Doesn’T Grow On Trees – An Introduction To Content Strategy – Jamie Schmid
  • Seduce Your Readers With Copy That Converts – Brendan Sera-Shriar


  • The Roller Coaster Of Starting A Blog From Scratch – Lara Binamé
  • Outils WordPress Incontournables Pour Simplifier Votre Vie De Blogueur! – Jennifer Doré Dallas
  • Imposter Syndrome And The Techie Continuum – Kathryn Presner
  • How I Learned To Stop Overthinking And Hit Publish – Lynne Rutledge
  • Demons In The Closet – Michele Butcher
  • Money Talks: How To Not Get Robbed – Belinda Darcey
  • Gérer Facilement Un Projet WordPress En Entreprise – Bernard Prince
  • Share Your Success Story – Shannon Smith
  • Do You Have A Launch Plan? – Chris Flannagan
  • La Licence Gpl: Questions Et Réponses – Alexandre Simard, Marcel Naud
  • Faites Des Backups Qu’Ils Disaient… – Jasmine Brien
  • Disaster-Proofing: Protect Your Site Before Something Goes Wrong – Kate Newbill
  • Sécurité: Ne Soyez Pas Une Cible – Maxime Jobin
  • Giving Back To WordPress – No Code Needed! – Meagan Hanes
  • Woocommerce Pour Les 7 À 77 Ans – Jean-Francois Arseneault
  • The Dawson Way Of Doing Things: A Study Of Our Path Using WordPress – Jonathan Perlman

For more information related to this event please visit the official website: https://2016.montreal.wordcamp.org/