Wordcamp Fayetteville, 2015 – Learn all about WordPress and its community

A Wordcamp is a community-based conference where people who love and use WordPress can get together for fun and learning. Attendees can get their queries solved, share ideas, get refreshed and inspired, and meet new people. Everyone is welcome!

Event Details:


  • July 31st – August 2nd


  • 7:30 am to 6:00 pm


  • Mermaids Seafood Restaurant
    2217 College Ave,
    AR 72703,
    United States

This year’s track will cover:

  • WP101: Have you just bought the car or are you thinking about it? Learn how to install your theme, choose between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, and get started.
  • Developers: Getting under the hood: Don’t plan to attend these sessions unless you actually code WordPress sites, apps, or plugins.
  • Designers: Jazzing up the chassis: Some WP designers are more about the art and some also like to code their themes. Either way, this track offers inspiration.
  • Publishers: Delivering the goods: Bloggers, writers, and other content mavens belong in this track.
  • Entrepreneurs: Driving the car, not messing with the motor — and you mean business: If your company website is built in the WordPress platform, this is the track for you, whether you work in WordPress or delegate that work.

To learn more about the event and detailed schedule, please visit https://fayetteville.wordcamp.org/2015/