Typo3 UXW, 2015, Germany – Backend usability, Distributions, and Themes

Typo3 UXW, 2015 banner

The Typo3 user experience week is dedicated to the improvement of the usability of Typo3 products. There will be 30 handpicked Typo3 Developers, designers and project managers gathered to brain storm about the future of Typo3 user interface.

Event Details:

  • March 21 – March 28, 2015


  • 9pm onwards


  • Wald- und Sporthotel Festenburg,
    Festenburger Str. 3, 38678

The Plan:

The event organizers plan to invite about 30 people to form a group of 5 teams. Each team will have 3 coders ideally covering both Neos and CMS, 2 designers and 1project manager. These teams will then take over one task each, which will be defined way in advance, so that the participants get time for preparation instead of starting from the scratch.

The rest of the agenda will be defined by the participants itself at the location.
Don’t miss a chance to be one of the 10 designers, 15 developers and writers, and 5 project managers.
Hurry and register soon.
For any more details on registration and the topics, please visit http://www.t3uxw.org/