Topconf Linz 2017

An ideal opportunity for software development specialists, product owners or managers, project manager and others concerned with various areas of software development to learn about logging infrastructure, containers, writing tests with Java 8 and JUnit, creating your own programming language and much more from internationally reputed experts, authors and practitioners of software development at Topconf Linz 2017. Seize this opportunity to learn, network and develop business and hang out with the community.

Event Details:-


  • February 28th – Mar 2nd, 2017


  • Linz, Austria

Event Sessions:-

Tuesday, February 28

Room 2Room 3Room 4
09:00 am Awesome Logging  Infrastructure Using The  Elastic Stack Behave yourself! –  getting more value out of  relationships “Infrastructure as  Code” with Docker  Containers
01:00 am Make your own  programming language  (from scratch) JUnit 5 – writing tests  with Java 8 and JUnit

Day 2 – Wednesday, March 1st 

09:00 amWelcome Message & Opening
09:20 amOpening Keynote: Load Shedding – Approaches, Principles, Experiences, and Impact in Service Management
10:00 amCoffee Break
Java & JVMUX / UIInnovative languagesAgile
10:20 amWhat to expect from Java 9CSS Grid – a tale of Hypnotoad and ALL GLORY TO THE NEW CSS LAYOUTA Little Closer to Frontend Bliss with ElmAgilis Humanum Est (To be Agile is Human)
11:10 amFunctional Reactive with Core JDKModular CSSRust for Serious DevelopersBeyond breaking bad. The current state of agile in ten easy lessons
12:00 amJava libraries you can’t afford to missBots – Chatting with your UsersWeb Applications in Clojure12 Work Hacks
12:40 amLunch
Java & JVMUX / UIInnovative languagesAgile
01:40 pm10 SQL Tricks That You Didn’t Think Were PossibleNew interactions for the webThe day after tomorrow: Let the machine do the codingBeyond Projects #NoProjects – why projects are wrong and what to do instead
02:30 pmWhat’s NOT new in modular Java?A story about hamburger, modals, and carouselsFlowtype and The Wonders of Statically Typed JavaScriptAgile Product Development
03:10 pmCoffee Break
Java & JVMUX / UIInnovative languagesAgile
03:30 pmLifecycle of a JIT compiled codeThe secret life of types in SwiftSpicing Up Agile Retrospectives
04:20 pmPanel discussion: Distributed Development Teams
05:00 pmConference Party: Meet the Speakers


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