T3EE 2015 – A multinational TYPO3 event

You’re invited to enjoy TYPO3 East Europe 2015, a multinational TYPO3 event taking place in the 2015 European Youth capital. Discover new people, new cultures, new ideas, new techniques and a new you.

Already at the third edition, TYPO3 East Europe (T3EE) gathers TYPO3 developers and enthusiasts from all over Europe with the aim to promote the development of TYPO3 in countries where it is not yet well known, to encourage the growth of the local communities, help them get more involved and also boost TYPO3 among developers and on the market.

The first 2 editions were opened by workshops dedicated to universities and the public sector, followed by sessions and presentations with the aim to present the latest trends & best practices in the TYPO3 world. Each day was ended with great social & networking events. To find more about the previous events, visit the T3EE13 and T3EE14 event summary pages.


  • UASVM – Life Sciences Institute;
    Entrance in the Campus: Calea Mănăştur 3-5, Cluj Napoca


  • 13th to 14th November, 2015

This year the host of the event will be University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca is the successor of the prestigious Higher School of Agriculture of Cluj, founded 145 years ago, in October 1869, under the name of Institute of Agronomic Studies, Cluj-Manastur. In 1906, the Institute reached the Academy level, becoming the Academy of Agriculture of Cluj.

Stay tuned to the official website http://www.t3ee.org for more information on sponsors, attendees, schedule, tickets, history and registration.