South Dakota Code Camp

This code camp is being help for developer community across South Dakota that wish to learn from fellow web development experts, .NET development specialists, coders and programmers. The event will pick topics based on interest which will be determined by the community. The event is open for attendees who wish to explore possibilities in coding hosted by Sioux Falls Developers Group and South Dakota .Net User Group.

Event Details:-

  • 5th November, 2016


  • 2320 N Career Ave,
    57107 Sioux Falls,

Event Schedule:-

5th Nov., 2016

ASP.NET Core 1.0 Tag Helpers
Bet on the Web
Build on-the-fly reporting with Dynamic SQL and other advanced querying techniques
Dive Into Android
From JavaScript mess to Cleaner Code in 60 minutes
Functional Patterns in C#
Lions, Tigers and ORMs, Oh My!
.NET Core or .NET Framework: Which one should I choose?
Refactoring Realities: What Home Renovation Can Teach Us About Refactoring Our Code
Responsive Web Images
Service Worker to the Rescue
Top Ten Ways to Teach Your Kids to Code


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