Selenium Conference 2016

The conference for development enthusiasts is here finally. The Selenium conference is here and those attending will witness web development experts, quality and testing experts and practitioner from around the world to discuss their ideas, knowledge and experience in testing and quality. As a web developer, this could your chance to explore, socialize and work together with present and future success of the project.

Event Details:-


  • 14th – 15th November, 2016


  • United Kingdom

Event Schedule:-

14th Nov., 2016

9:00 – 17:00Fix A Bug, Become A Committer
9:00 – 17:00Mobile Automation With Appium
9:00 – 17:00Getting Started With Selenium
9:00 – 17:00Selenium Grid


15th Nov., 2016

Track 1Track 2
09:10Keynote session to be announced
10:00Morning Break
10:30How to Get Automation Included in Your Definition of DoneReliability Patterns for Large-scale Selenium Tests
11:10Advanced test automation techniques for responsive apps and sitesMaking Cross-Browser Tests Beautiful
11:50Distributed Testing and Test ReportingThe State of Browser Automation with JavaScript
12:25Lunch Break
13:25Advanced AppiumLet’s Talk Security – Beyond Scanning
14:10Sharing the pain in Automating with Protractor & WebDriverBuilding a Test Engineering culture
14:50Automating the Responsive Website TestingThe Screenplay Pattern – a SOLID alternative to Page Objects
15:25Afternoon Break
15:55Continuously Testing Online, Interactive Curriculum at Code.orgThink inside Container : Building Reliable and Scalable infrastructure for Selenium Tests
16:35Keynote session to be announced
17:25Close of day 1


16th Nov., 2016

Track 1Track 2
08:15Arrival Coffee
09:00Welcome Back
09:10A Programmer’s Guide to Humans
10:05Turning iOS End-to-End Testing up to 11Big Data Makes the Flake Go Away
10:45Statistical Element LocatorSelenium tests, the Object Oriented way
11:20Morning Break
11:50Is it or is it not really visible… Selenium’s flawed visionLightning Talks
12:30StarDriver Enterprise: Appium to the FutureTest trend analysis: Towards robust, reliable and timely tests
13:05Lunch Break
14:05Measuring Web Performance Using SeleniumMoving from Manual to Automated Testing at a Small Company
14:50Refactoring for Testability: Breaking the Cycle of DoomCan We Have it All! {Selenium for Web, Mobile & Everything a Product Needs}
15:25Afternoon Break
15:55Closing Panel
17:05Close of day 1


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