Are you keen about Progressive Web App Development? Reacticon is going to be for you! As the name suggests, in this conference you would get to know about React which forms the foundation for Magento PWA Studio, and how it combines with other JavaScript application frameworks or libraries like Redux, routing, JSX to reshape Magento into a PWA. You would also learn about how GraphQL offers a JSON standard to keep data well-structured. So, it is a splendid opportunity for Magento developers to get ahead of the competition and learn from the industry leaders.

Event Details:-


  • 04th To 05th Oct, 2018


  • Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Event Schedule:-

Day-1 Thursday 04th Oct 2018

09:00Morning coffee
09:30Legendary opening
09:00-12:00Something on JS optimization
Something on end-to-end testing
Something on GraphQL
Something on Deity
Something on SOA
Something on Storybook
13:00 – 16:00Something on PWA strategy
Something on VueJS components in M2
Something on Vue StoreFront PWA
Something on Deity PWA
Something on PWA Studio
17:30Closing note and announcements
17:30-19:00Free bus to after-party
19:00After-party (including dinner)
00:00End dinner & party

Day-2 Friday 05th Oct 2018

09:00Morning coffee
10:00Start hackathon
17:30End hackathon
18:00Bus leaves for MageTitans Groningen

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