React for Web Developers

What is React?

It’s very much about building reusable components. You simply express how your app should look, then React automatically handles all the UI updates when your underlying data changes.

What web Developer will learn ?

Learn all about React in this multi-day online training course led by Jonathan Stark. Through hands-on exercises, he’ll introduce you to React and guide you successively through more advanced topics. By the end of this course, web developers will have a solid foundation in React and know when, why, and how to use it.

Program Schedule

  • Date:- MARCH 17 – APRIL 14, 2016

  • Time:-9:00AM – 12:00PM PDT

March 17: Introduction to React for Web Developers

  • Create your first component using React.createClass
  • Learn about the virtual DOM (the JavaScript version of the actual DOM)
  • Learn how to organize components into an application
  • Learn about JSX, React’s new language that allows you to write HTML as syntax, which is transformed to lightweight JavaScript objects
  • Get an introduction to state by rendering and re-rendering the virtual DOM

March 24: Building a Web App with React

  • Learn how to structure your components for a more sophisticated web app
  • Dive deep into component hierarchy, state, and representation
  • See how your data flow communicates and interacts with React components
  • Learn about view navigation and other React features

March 31: Building a Native iOS App with React

  • Apply your knowledge of React JS to the creation of a native iOS app using React Native
  • Understand UI components, styling, touch handling, and more
  • See how React simplifies debugging and reduces errors
  • Learn about finalizing and optimizing performance for app
  • See how to submit your native iOS to the App Store

April 7: Building a Real-time App with React and Firebase

  • Get a hands-on introduction to Firebase
  • See how Firebase adds real-time data capabilities to a React app
  • Learn about data synchronization, streaming data, and more
  • Cover off-line support, debugging, and optimization

April 14: Using External Plugins with React

  • Animation
  • Class name manipulation
  • Testing utilities
  • Performance tools, and more

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