Paris Web – An Event That Captures The Interest Of All The Technology Enthusiasts

Organized by the Non-profit Organization Paris-web, the event is divided into two parts: Paris Web conference and workshops. It mainly explores the themes of web accessibility, digital design and open standards. So if you are caught in the world of web technology and are a freelance website developer or software development specialist, this event could be just the thing for you.


  • Centre culturel le Beffroi
    2 Place Emile Cresp, 92120 Montrouge, France


  • 1st to 3rd October


  • starts from 8:30 on 1st October

Event schedule:

  • 1st October
  • 9:30 Internet and Freedoms for digital actors engagement
  • 10:30 [Conf Sponsor] The dev front at Mach 1 daily
  • 10: 45 General Acceptance” my first name, my address, my domain will they be accepted by all forms?
  • 11:20 An Introduction to CSS Grid Layout
  • 12:20 “Hey, can you take this project? “
  • 12:35 The “RUN” (or Third Party Maintenance)
  • 14:10 Confessions of a Serial Killer
  • 15:10 Creating a Culture of Quality Code
  • 16:20 The Styleguide, well fed he keeps his promises
  • 16:35 Are you on top?
  • 17:00 The challenge of a blind person: advisor on accessibility in an increasingly visual web

For more precise details, you are advised to look into its official website that hosts accurate program content:

  • 2nd October
  • 9:10 Death and UX: Afterlife Digital and Digital Legacy.
  • 10:10 Techno standby for old croutons
  • 10:25 Towards good practice Pair Design
  • 10:40 CSP: content security policy
  • 11:15 Privacy-by-Designer: Delivering personalization & flow from privacy to finish
  • 12:15 Sell ​​your methodology
  • 12:30 The designer whispering in the ears of computers
  • 14:10, story of an accessibility approach
  • 15:10 WebVR WebGL and 3D web today and tomorrow
  • 16:20 Privacy, surveillance, dependence on glasses, should we reinvent the web to avoid dystopia?

There is a possible chance that all above events are subject to change; hence, for more detailed approach of the complete schedule and registration, accommodation facilities and travel directions, you can go to