ngVikings 2017

Awesome opportunity for web front-end developers to learn about Angular and other technologies related to Angular framework from legendary international Angular JS specialists at the Angular conference, ngVikings 2017 in the Nordics. You would get to learn about Angular of Things, how to share code between web and native apps, keep untrusted code out of your Angular application, and much more. Connect with the community; develop business relationships, gain technical knowledge along with fun.

Event Details:-


  • 11th – 12th February, 2017


  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Event Schedule:-

08:00Registration & Breakfast
09:00ngVikings 2017 opening
09:15Keynote: A Future Without Browsers
09:50Angular OTB: Outside The BrowserAngular: Beyond the tutorials with tests!
10:25Angular Continuous IntegrationDeveloping Accessible Cross-platform Apps with NativeScript and Angular
11:00Angular of ThingsForms in Angular
11:35An Introduction Into Using Angular’s Material DesignSharing Code Between Web and Native Apps
13:40AngularFire2 and youAuthenticate your users with AngularOffice Hours: Meet The Speakers
14:15Step by Step: Improving Startup Performance with Lazy Loading in AngularProgressively Mobile With IonicOffice Hours: Meet The Speakers
14:50Understanding AOT and Dynamic Components in AngularKeeping untrusted code out of your Angular applicationOffice Hours: Meet The Speakers
15:25Coffee Break
16:00Unleash The Power Of Angular With PatternsBuilding Angular AppsOffice Hours: Meet The Speakers
16:35The Secret Life(cycle) of ComponentsHow Not To Mess-up Your Front End Architecture with AngularOffice Hours: Meet The Speakers
17:10Webpack: The Core Conceptsangular-cli – Coding like a vikingOffice Hours: Meet The Speakers
17:45Conference closing
18:00Party & Networking


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