MWC Barcelona 2019

Attention Mobile App Development Experts! Here’s an awesome opportunity for you to explore the hottest innovation and cutting-edge technologies shaping the mobile landscape. Also gain world-class education through numerous informative sessions led by prominent industry experts. Make the most of this event by reaching your organizational objectives through exceptional networking with the attendees. Identify your future collaborative partner, discover revolutionary ideas, explore new products, and learn best practices from the pioneers of the industry.

Event Details:-


  • 25th To 28th Feb, 2019


  • Barcelona

Event Schedule:-

Day-1 Monday 25th Feb 2019

09:00: Keynote 1: Intelligently Connecting the World
: Amazon Entertainment and Home Series
10:00: Building Products for Growth – Session 1
: GLOMO Awards: Fourth Industrial Revolution Live Presentation
: The Seven Lies of Corporate Venturing
: Redefining inclusion
: Women4Tech Inside Track: Rock Your Profile
: Salesforce Customer Success Theater – Monday
10:30: Networking Break
10:45: Monetizing the Complexities of IoT – Monday
11:00: 4YFN Opening Ceremony
: “A Modern Day Fairytale – Structure vs Innovation” How to Close that Deal!
: Robotics Masterclass
: Grow your Startup with Google
: Masterclass TBC
: VC vs. CVC vs. Venture Client: What Is Better?
: AI: Beyond the Hysteria and Hype
: Maintaining Consumer Trust in a Digital Economy
: Digital Transformation: Reinventing your Customer Relationships
: What’s Keeping Operator CTOs up at Night?
: Wellness Life with Taiwan Smart Tech Solutions
11:30: Keynote Announced Soon!
: How will Service and Humanoid Robots Arrive into our Lives?
: Data is the New Seat Belt: 5 Reasons Why Automatic Collision Notification must be on Every Phone in 2019
: Transforming society through IoT
: Visions of digital leadership
: Futurism: Internet of Bodies
12:00: 3, 2, 1 Datathon!
: Think and Act Spatially
: Trust IT Services Masterclass
: Mind Hygiene: How to Mind your Brain in the Digital Age
12:10: Economic Gaming Re-Imagined for 5G Era
: Networking Break
12:15: Female Founders Fireside Chat
: Seamless Experience Thanks to Digital ID – Monday
12:30: GLOMO Awards: Device Live Presentation
: Keynote featuring Mastercard
: Keynote 2: AI Innovation, Ethics & Diversity
: Mobile Innovation in Emerging Markets Powered By GSMA M4D
: Mobile Connect: The rise of digital identity
12:45: People First: Building Ideas that Thrive in a Connected World
13:00: The Decentralization of Everything: Transformation of Global Economy and LifeStyle
: Innovation Drives Business: integrating disruptive products & services into a Telco’s Portfolio
: Masterclass TBC
: Networking lunch
: GSMA Applied AI Forum
13:15: AI & Machine Learning in Travel & Tourism – Powered by Mobile World Capital
13:30: Embracing the Future: Innovating Together
: Networking LunchConference
: Unlocking the benefits of 5G for the Enterprise Market
: Pressing the “Self-disrupt” Button: Lessons from the Front Lines
: Intelligent Connectivity for a Data-Driven Future
14:00: Lunch
: Huawei Digital Transformation of Industries Summit
: What’s Hot at MWC Tour
: Hackathon Miro in Cube final
14:15: GLOMO Awards: Consumer Live Presentation
: Retail & Digital Commerce Tour
14:30: Keynote 3: Immersive Content
: 5G: Are we in danger of a new digital divide?
: IoT Tour
: MEF’s Future of Mobile Summit
14:45: Sustainable Smart Cities Tour
15:00: Crypto-based Secure Communications
: Reinvention and the Power of Pairs
: Is multimodality a real thing? Who takes the cake? Mobility of today
: The Future of Work, Learning and Leading
: Venture Capital is boring. Discover new alternatives to finance your startup. By Sabadell Venture Capital Banco Sabadell
: CAB Blockchain Transactions Masterclass
: Huawei Product & Solution Launch: 5G is on
: RCS Business Messaging: Intelligently Transforming Consumer Experiences
: AI & Robotics for Smart Cities and Smart Gardens
: 5G & NFV Tour
: Samsung Mobile Business Summit
: 5G Summit 2019 — Embracing 5G Era
: Alibaba Cloud Summit and New Product Release
16:00: A New Era in Money with Visa
: Striking a Balance in the Age of Digital Distraction
: The Business of Creating Amazing Consumer Experiences
: Together, we ride – Collaboration in mobility sector
: Beyond Silicon: Exploring Extreme Future Scenarios
: How Emerging Markets are Leading in Fintech
: Disrupting the Financial Services industry
16:15: Local Startup Heroes: Social Point Powered by Mobile World Capital Barcelona
: Investing in the digital transformation*
: Jobs of the future
16:30: Keynote featuring Whurley, Strangeworks
16:45: Networking Break
: The Future of the Experience Economy
: Building Products for Growth – Session 2
: B2B: Selling at the Lowest Cost for the Highest Margin
17:00: Biohacking Onstage: Live Human Chip Implant Show
: The Art of Knocking Out Your Audience: 7 Ways to Nail Public Speaking
: The Next Billion Dollar Idea
: Keynote 4: An Intelligent Future for All
17:10: GLOMO Awards: Content & Media Live Presentation
17:15: Red Connect: Blood Donor Platform for the Next Generation
17:30: 4YFN to the Stratosphere: Elevating your Future
: Celebrating the Next Generation Internet
: Mobile for Development : Catalysing partnerships to support the digital economy
: Mobile Connect Link Networking Event. Meet your new business partners
17:35: Trust and Identity
17:45: 5G in the City networking reception
18:30: Imagine Express 2019 Final Presentation Innovation Strategy Corporate Venturing & Lean Startup

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