The mobile Tech Conference, Berlin, 2014 – Learn all about Mobile Technology

The Mobile Tech Conference is one of the main events of mobile industry in Germany. High degree of technical and strategic knowledge and mobile devices are required for sustainable mobile strategies. This conference offers such know-how about mobile technology.

This event will educate the attendees about various mobile technologies, innovative business models, and the latest trends and upgrades.

The conference will cover range of sessions and keynotes, each covering the topics of Android, iOS, mobile Web, and various other marketing, business, and trending topics.


  • nhow Hotel in Berlin,
    Stralauer Allee 3,
    10245 Berlin
  • Time:

    • Monday, 1st September – 9:00 to 17:00
    • Tuesday, 2nd September – 9:30 to 20:15
    • Wednesday, 3rd September – 9:00 to 18:00
    • Thursday, 4th September – 9:00 to 17:00

    Session Topics:

    • Android 4: “Let’s get Professional”
    • Getting started with Swift and iOS 8 (half day workshop)
    • Mobile product development
    • Test driven development with AngularJS
    • Test-driven development in iOS with Kiwi and Co (half day workshop)
    • The internet of Experience: Designing smart objects
    • Mobile meets the Enterprise
    • Responsive images – Status Quo
    • UIBlingBling –Pimp your app!
    • Why fail mobile projects?
    • Swift- Why?
    • Windows phone 8.1and Windows 8.1 apps: shared code with C# and XAML
    • Augmented reality, wearables and Internet: the interaction of different technologies
    • Image processing for Android with openCV
    • Why Responsive Web design is bound to fail…
    • Android on the airport: The JettApp story
    • Top App roasting – No! Wow! How?
    • Little apps, lots of information – do they go?
    • Your Customers want to pay your testing budget
    • The future of e-commerce is responsive
    • Exploring a Google Glass prototype
    • Typography to go!
    • User engagement for mobile applications
    • Design thinking for the internet of things
    • The mobile Web and the Web
    • Objective-C in the Cloud
    • Robust content for responsive web design
    • Four success factors for mobile app design
    • Hybrid mobile apps with AngularJS develop and Ionic
    • Performance: Optimization with Android tools
    • SAP goes mobile
    • Appeal RESTful services via RESTkit
    • How Groupon testing Android apps
    • iBeacon, core Bluetooth and multi-peer connectivity
    • Offline Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript
    • Building Android apps with Gradle
    • Modern apps by geolocation and motion processing
    • Worst case scenario: ANR – Application Not Responsing
    • Click is not testing – Test automation in Android
    • Getting Productive: Android development tools
    • Surviving the Android jungle