Meet Magento Switzerland 2015 – The leading Swiss Magento Community Conference

This professional conference is organized by and for the Magento Community as Swiss online merchants, experts, Magento development specialists, web agencies and solution providers.

Main purpose of this event is to give you an opportunity to share experience and knowledge, discover new technologies, and grow your network and give you access to the Magento ecosystem. You will meet international speakers from all around the world and have also the pleasure to relax during our after party event with a Magento Bowling Contest and a concert. This day will be a good investment for you and your employees as it provides you with a wealth of new contacts and maybe friends.

This year, the event has special sessions for startup companies with topics specific for them, helping them to begin their online business.


  • Hotel Riverside
    Spinnerei Lettenstrasse, 8192 Glattfelden – Zweidlen


  • 23rd October


  • Starts from 8:00am on 23rd October

Event Schedule

  • 8:00 Registration & Networking
  • 9:00 Opening Track
  • 9:15 Hard Selling Online & Innovation
  • 10:00 Coffee Break
  • 10:30 Going beyond Magento speed limits without HHVM and Varnish
  • 11:00 Perpetual Disruption, Devops and Magento
  • 11:30 Swiss eCommerce Factor Using elasticsearch with Magento
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:30 Plenary Session – Ladies in Commerce
  • 14:15 How Payment can help grow the Customer Base and Revenue Importing data from PIM and other systems into Magento Lean Startup
  • 14:35 Affiliate
  • 14:45 Coffee Break
  • 14:55 Google – Adwords – Shopping
  • 15:15 Best Practice SEO for Magento Don’t fear the Boilerplate – Magento with Bootstrap and Gulp Shopping Recommendation
  • 15:35 Personas – Invent your Real Customers
  • 15:45 PIM or no PIM that’s the question Refactoring & Testing in Magento 2
  • 15:55 Don’t do big bangs in e-commerce
  • 16:15 Coffee Break
  • 16:45 Magento 2 – New Challenges Business Metrics 4 everyone!
  • 17:15 Which payment system should I use with my shop? Process organization of the Magento modules development
  • 17:45 Upcoming Magento 2
  • 18:15 Closure / Meet Magento Association
  • 18:30 Networking After Party | Magento Bowling Contest

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