Meet Magento Germany, 2015 – A leading e-commerce conference for Magento

Meet Magento is a special place where business and technology paths cross and come together to create a way to success in ecommerce. This two day conference is all about internet trade area, industry specifics, Magento platform penetration, possible development of it and e-shops development. Everyone is invited to participate, including developers, project managers, e-shop owners, R&D specialists, e-commerce service providers, e-commerce development specialist and so on. The meeting will be full of innovation.

Event Details:


  • 11th- 12th May, 2015
  • Time:
    • 11th May – 9:00 am to 18:00 pm
    • 12th May – 9:00 am to 14:15 pm
    • Location:
      • Gerberstraße 15<br />
        04105;br />
        Westin Hotel;br />
        Leipzig ;br />

      Topics included:

      • Magento application security
      • Continuous integration with Magento community
      • Why Magento optimization is so important, how to measure it and how to do it right
      • Pragmatic unit testing
      • Black magic of code generation in Magento 2
      • Magento 2: Insight about performance
      • Information architecture: impacts on e-commerce
      • Magento 2: Composer for extensions distribution
      • Frontend distribution in Magento: LESS/SASS
      • E-commerce software compared
      • Magento in an Omni-channel set-up: How to get rid of the payments problem
      • Magento gateway: a data integration platform for multi-sourcing
      • Design and usability for increased conversion
      • Visual marketing with user generated content
      • Collaboration project management and development

      There’s an after-party organized on the 11th May, 2015 at 19:30 pm.
      For more information on the schedule and registration, please visit