KotlinConf San Francisco 2017

With Google announcing official support for Kotlin, Android app development experts became more interested in this language by JetBrains. Now, here’s a top-notch opportunity for them to know more about Kotlin from its creators.

You can learn about Kotlin Coroutines, addressing challenges faced in the data science domain with Kotlin, building react app in Kotlin and much more from speakers of international repute.

Event Details:-


  • 02nd – 03rd Nov, 2017


  • San Francisco

Event Schedule:-

Day 1 – Thursday, 02nd Nov


Room St. Petersburg

Room Munich

Room Prague

08:00-09:00Registration Day One
09:00-10:00Opening Keynote
10:15-11:00Introduction to CoroutinesHow to Build a React app in KotlinCords and Gumballs
11:15-12:00What’s New and Cool in Kotlin ToolsA View State Machine for Network Calls on AndroidUnderstand Every Line of Your Codebase
13:00-13:45Kotlin Static Analysis with Android LintBuilding Languages Using KotlinMy Transition from Swift to Kotlin
14:00-14:45Bootiful KotlinLessons Learned Building a Build ToolFrontend Kotlin from the Trenches
15:15-16:00Build and Deploying Netflix, with KotlinIdiomatic InteropKotlin for Data Science
16:15-17:00Real World Kotlin-Powered AndroidThe Road to KotlintownHow to Kontribute
17:15-18:00Architectures Using Functional Programming ConceptsYou Can, but Should You?Kotlin Puzzlers
18:05-19:05Party Keynote
19:05-22:05SECOND FLOOR – Party


Don’t want to miss this opportunity?

To view full schedule of 02th & 03th Jun click on link: https://kotlinconf.com/schedule/

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