iOSCon London 2017

The conference for iOS and Swift developers beckons one and all involved in iOS app development! You can learn about app accessibility, iOS architectures, generics and extensions in Swift, peer-to-peer networking between apps and platforms, dependency injection, full-text search on iOS, frameworks and tools, unit testing, GraphQL and iOS apps, and much more from leading experts in the iOS and Swift realm. Be the first to find out about all the latest iOS and Swift technologies and discover the best ideas. Seize this opportunity to learn, enjoy, network and hang out with the community.

Event Details:-


  • 30th– 31st March, 2017


  • CodeNode, 10 South Place, London

Event Schedule:-

Thursday 30th March 2017

Room 1Room 2
 08:30Registration & Breakfast
 09:15Welcome to #ioscon 2017!
 09:30Keynote: Balance
 10:15Coffee Break
 10:30Type-safe API call with Protocol Buffers in SwiftThe Grand Tour of iOS Architectures
 11:15Coffee Break
 11:30 Architecting Alive AppsThe Power of Making Your App Accessible
 12:15Coffee Break
 12:30Generics and extensions in SwiftBuffers and Encoders and Command Queues, omg!
 14:15Lightning Talks 1
 15:00Coffee Break
 15:15Workshop: Building a server-side Swift app with the Kitura web framworkWorkshop: Natural Swift: write Swift the way it was meant to be written
 16:45Coffee Break
 17:00Bringing Swift enums to Objective-C with macrosImplementing Full-Text Search on iOS
17:45Beer Break
18:00Panel discussion – Trends!
 21:00End of #iOSCon Day 1! See you tomorrow 🙂

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