GDG DevFest Ukraine 2017

A breathtaking opportunity for you to learn about Android, Web and Cloud technologies at the biggest Google Tech Conference in the Central and Eastern Europe. You can acquire knowledge from this 2-day event filled with sessions, showcases and workshops conducted by world class experts and bring them to practice while shaping your web development services.

You can gain insights about creating progressive web apps with Angular, Infrastructure as code in Google Cloud, Web based virtual reality, and much more. Also you can party with your peers and network with potential business partners.

Event Details:-


  • 13th – 14th Oct, 2017


  • Lviv, Ukraine

Event Schedule:-

Day-1 Friday 13th Oct 2017

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Workshops Hall
09:00Registration and morning coffee
10:00Conference opening
11:00A look at the guts of Polymer 2.0NDK Crash Handling – the what, the where, and the howCloud Storage – Choosing the BestFirebase and IoT (Part 1)
11:50When your app is asleepDevTools and Headless Chrome – The Automation Power-CouplePowering Interactive Data Analysis with Google BigQueryFirebase and IoT (Part 2)
14:00Developing for the rest of the WorldGoogle Cloud Spanner: Going global with relational databaseVanillaJS ML for web developersTesting Angular 4+ Applications (Part 1)
14:50Apache Beam and Google Cloud DataFlowI just hacked your app!Buy my mixtape: the Payment Request API in actionTesting Angular 4+ Applications (Part 2)
15:30Coffee break
16:00Web goes Native: Progressive Web Apps with AngularRandom Musings on the Android ThingsData Warehouse in Google CloudPractical Guide to Run a Google Design Sprint (Part 1)
16:50Release Android apps globally with no headache and minimum stressInfrastructure as Code in Google CloudHow AngularDart & Firebase did an App togetherPractical Guide to Run a Google Design Sprint (Part 2)
17:40Getting Started with Web Based Virtual RealityOk Google! We need to talkProgramming languages as religions or instruments?Practical Guide to Run a Google Design Sprint (Part 3)
18:30Party & networking

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