Enterprise UX San Francisco 2017

Attention! Whether you are working for a software development agency or any enterprise, if you care about delivering great enterprise experiences then you must attend the 2-day conference – Enterprise UX at San Francisco. This conference is aimed at improving enterprise experiences that is currently awful, tedious, complicated and fragmented compared to consumer-facing experiences. Along with sharpening your basic UX skills, you can gain inspiration and models of success from leading organizations like SAP, Hewlett-Packard and Pacific Gas & Electric on how UX is changing the way these enterprises work. So, what are you waiting for?

Event Details:-


  • 07th – 09th Jun, 2017


  • San Francisco, CA

Event Schedule:-

Day 1 – Wednesday, 07th Jun

  • 07:30 Am-08:30 Am Registration/Breakfast
  • 12:00 Pm-01:00 Pm Lunch
  • 08:30 Am-04:30 Pm Workshops
  • 08:30 Am-04:30 Pm Scalable Design Systems
  • 08:30 Am-04:30 Pm Product Management for UX People
  • 08:30 Am-04:30 Pm Design your Design Organization
  • 08:30 Am-04:30 Pm Strategy for Design Leadership

Day 2 – Thursday, 08th Jun

  • 07:30 Am-08:30  Am Registration/Continental Breakfast
  • 08:30 Am-08:45  Am Welcome
  • 08:45 Am-09:45  Am Opening Keynote
  • 09:45 Am-10:15  Am Break
  • 10:15 Am-12:15  Pm Theme 1: Crafting Enterprise Experiences
  • 10:15 Am-10:45  Am Taming Design Complexity with UX Models
  • 10:45 Am-11:15  Am Resilient Enterprise Design
  • 11:15 Am-11:45  Am Solving not sexy but important problems
  • 11:45 Am-12:15  Pm Discussion
  • 12:15 Pm-01:45  Pm Lunch
  • 01:45 Pm-03:45  Pm Theme 2: Leading Teams That Execute
  • 01:45 Pm-02:15  Pm Scaling the Human Center
  • 02:15 Pm-02:45  Pm Customer-Centered Design Organizations
  • 02:45 Pm-03:15  Pm Executing Against All Odds
  • 03:15 Pm-03:45  Pm Discussion
  • 03:45 Pm-04:15  Pm Break
  • 04:15 Pm-05:15  Pm Enterprise Storytelling Sessions
  • 05:30 Pm-07:30  Pm Opening Reception

To view full schedule of 07th to 09th Jun click on link: https://2017.enterpriseux.net/program/

Register for the main conference program (June 8-9) or add one of four workshops (June 7) by clicking on the link below: https://2017.enterpriseux.net/register/