E-shop Expo, Brussel 2015 – An expo for internet & web business

E-shop expo is an event that is solely dedicated to the internet and web business and the virtual world. With latest software and technologies pertaining to internet, the event has been of an interest for most of the attendees. The event presents a huge collection and range of products and services and is quite attractive.

It is one of the largest and leading expos in the field of e-commerce for all the E-commerce experts. The expo offers innovative solutions and performance based online marketing. This will help its visitors get to the next level and raise the bar for Belgian e-commerce in general.

Event Details:

  • Date:
    18th and 19th March
  • Time:
    18th March – 10:00 am to 17:00 pm
    19th March – 10:00 am to 16:15 pm
  • Location:
    Avenue Du Port 86C, B 1000
    Brussels, Belgium

    Topics will include:

  • Better rank in Google
  • Using the ‘Lean start up’ methodology to get your ecommerce off the ground
  • Responsive email: Tips and tricks for email on all devices to display correctly
  • Legal update in ecommerce in 2015
  • The ideal domain name
  • From idea to webshop: who do you need
  • Meet mike, the new consumer
  • E-commerce law: A must have or a marketing tool
  • Multilingual online communication of success with Accor
  • We make life easier for you
  • The predictability of our preferences

For more information on the expo and registration, please visit http://www.eshopexpo.eu/