Drupal User Group Bodensee, 2014 – All about the technology, Panapoly

The Drupal User Group Bodensee (DUGB) meets regularly once at the end of each quarter. This is going to be a very exciting meeting, held at the end of November. Mathias Walti from Switzerland is going to present all about Panapoly – a Drupal distribution that claims you can built a house and get started at the 10th floor. Everyone from Drupal beginners to skilled Drupal Developers is invited.

Event Details:


  • Friday, November 28, 2014


  • 18:00 pm – 21:00 pm


  • In the technology centre in Constance
    56, Konstanz


  • on Friday, November 28, 2014
  • Come-Together at 17:30 clock
  • Then start at around 18:00 clock
  • Panel
  • Evening beer (and dinner) in Konstanz
  • Or order pizza during the meeting

Mathias will demonstrate the power of Panapoly, going through the following Agenda:

  • History and Roadmap of Panapoly
  • Extensions via Panapoly apps
  • Manage flexible layouts with drag and drop
  • Better framework for editors
  • Panapoly as foundation for your own distribution

Everyone who is participating in the meeting will get a chance to contribute and share their knowledge on various Drupal trends and technology. Hence, everyone is recommended to bring their Drupal goodies along.

More info:

  • Cost: Free
  • For all the members of DUGB and all those interested
  • Non-binding declarations
  • Also can appear without signing – up

DUGB session:

  • Faster to the website using Drupal Panopoly:

    Panapoly often provides necessary tools and settings ready to realize fully responsive sites faster. It provides other powerful layout features. These are based on the panel extension – however the complexity of the panel remains under the surface.

For further information on the event and its schedule, please visit http://www.drupal-bodensee.de/