Drupal Camp, Oslo, 2014 – Back to school with Drupal


This Drupal annual camp is arranged by the Norwegian Drupal Association. This event gives a possible opportunity to meet developers, webmasters, and other Drupal Developers across the country. The attendees will get to network with these professionals, get to know each other and get updates on the latest Drupal technology and web trends.

Event Details:


  • Friday, 14 November, 2014


  • 10:00 – 18:00

  • Oslo, Norway

Topics that will be discussed at the Event:

With this event the attendees will get a chance to learn more about Drupal, see how companies work with Drupal, be updated on the latest trends, and get to know others with similar interests. There’s something for everyone to learn about.

Developer: Something for You!

Drupal 8 has been recently launched, based on a number of technologies that makes the worlds best high-end open source CMS. As a developer, one will be able to work with tidy code, good structure, and version control in a proper way. It is also believed that Drupal has the best development environment of the major open source projects.

The Latest Technologies:
Drupal 8: Drupal 8 makes use of some of the best, most proven technologies and techniques available today. Drupal 8 allows developers to do more, with fewer steps, and with less Drupal specific knowledge. With Drupal flexible solutions for establishing fields in core, categorizations at the junction of content types, efficient user management and high security can be obtained. Drupal is a carefully considered choice for many of the world’s greatest companies.

Drupal as a Sales Tool:
Drupal as a CMS gives flexibility to build a website that fits the company and the products, and a good website has a key advantage of selling the products and the company. Not only this, but also has the ability to provide an efficient workflow with content.

The program for the event is still under preparation, to find out more about the schedule, please keep visiting, http://oslo2014.drupalcamp.no/