Drupal Camp Ashville 2016

The Drupal Camp is happening in Ashville and it is your chance you expand your knowledge in Drupal. The event will be holding a exciting traning sessions on Drupal Development by Drupal Development Experts. You can also become a sponsor for the event and contribute to the event and Drupal Community of developers. The event will be followed by a social and interative event for Drupal developers and participants of the event which makes this event a good blend of work and play! Don’t miss out your chance to be a part of this amazing event if you are interested in Drupal development. Register yourself as few days left before the event: https://www.drupalasheville.com/registration

Event Details:-


  • 12th – 13th August, 2016


  • Ashville, North Carolina

Event Schedule:-

  • 8:00am – Registration begins
  • 9:00am – Welcome announcements
  • TimeRoom1Room2Room3
    Lessons Learned from the Appalachian Trail
    Idiot-proofing Drupal
    Troubleshooting Drupal Performance
    How and Why You Should Contribute to Open Source
    Building Drupal Sites with Components
    Making PhpStorm Do Your Job for You
    Web Accessibility
    Styleguide-Driven Development with Components & Paragraphs
    Behat Automated Testing for Drupal: Robots to the rescue!
    Agile Project Management
    Dude, Where’s My Features? Configuration Management in D8
    Leveraging LeafletJS with Drupal
    Commerce 2.x at a glance
    Modern Javascript Round Up – ES2015
    Robo-tize your local Drupal 8 development
    Marketing Automation and Web Personalization with Drupal: An Introduction
    What’s Your Angular?
    Modular Development in Drupal 8
    Running on Drupal! Brevard College Tesla Demo
    Decoupled Blocks in Drupal 8
    Building Secure and Available Drupal 8 Applications with Guardr
    Flex your front-end muscles! Real world gains with flexbox.
    Progressively Decoupling Drupal w/ PDB, React, and GraphQL
    Getting back to basics with Drupal Deployment
    Backdrop CMS – D7 fork with CMI, Layouts, Views etal in core
    Node.js, not just for the cool kids.
    Custom Content Migrations to Drupal 8