Droidcon 2016

Attention Android developers! Participate in the 3rd edition of droidcon Kraków and learn using MVVM architecture in Android, making Android hack-proof by learning methods to avoid security breaches, other Android skills and much more from worldwide eminent Android specialists. Also make the most of these three days conference by socializing and networking with fellow developers and hanging out with global Android community.

Event Details:-


  • 8th – 10th December, 2016


  • Kraków, Poland

Event Sessions:-

Following sessions will be covered in this conference:-
1. MVVM architecture with the data binding library – Raw coding in Java
2. Android Wear Essentials – Improve your Android skills building watch faces – IoT
3. About some syncing data – Raw coding in Java, Architecture
4. Accessibility For Android – Design
5. Demystifying Dependency Injection: About Daggers and Toothpicks – Testing, Libraries, Raw coding in Java
6. Android security for app – Back-end, Raw coding in Java, Security
7. Reactive programming on Android(why and how) – Libraries, Raw coding in Java!
8. Robust unit testing in Android – Testing, Design, Libraries, Raw coding in Java, Raw coding in Kotlin, Groovy
9. Optimizing Apps for Better Performance – Android
10. Android Mutation Testing – Testing, Software Quality
11. Making the Most of Your Gradle Builds – Build tools
12. Clean architecture at scale – Architecture
13. Writing truly testable code – Testing, Architecture, Android
14. Deeper insight into Android Espresso library – Testing, Libraries
15. Use code ​generation to make better apps – Libraries, Tooling
16. Keeping it SOLID – Architecture
17. Sensor Networking With Android – Raw coding in Java, Hardware focused
18. Dependency Library injection. How to extend any app without single line of code – Libraries, Reverse engineering
19. Unittesting without Robolectric – Testing
20. Android Tool – Tools
21. Wire Up new Firebase – Back-end, Libraries
22. Building Overlay SDKs – the two-minute integration challenge – Libraries
23. Android animations go reactive – Design, RxJava
24. RxJava 2 – Raw coding in Java, RxJava
25. Mobile analytics for the app developers – Libraries


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