DevUX Malmö 2017

Are you a web design expert aspiring to design and build amazing user experiences? Then it’s time for you to head for the 2-day event at Malmö in order to get inspired and hands-on advice on how to create better UX for your users. Learn how to craft software that delivers safe, rich and humane experiences from speakers of international repute.

You can make the most of this splendid opportunity by networking with fellow designers, collaborating with potential business partners and having fun over food and drinks.

Event Details:-


  • 13th – 14th Sep, 2017


  • Media Evolution City, Malmö, Sweden

Event Schedule:-

Day 1 – Wednesday, 13th  Sep

09:30-10:30 Session 1: Keynote from Aral Balkan
10:40-11:20 Session 2: People First: Prioritizing People for Humane Products [Conference]
11:30-12:10 Session 3: Learning from People: Exploring the Problem Space [Conference]
12:10-13:00 Lunch
13:00-13:40 Session 4: Finding the Boundaries of Design: Uncovering and Communicating Constraints  [Conference]
13:50-14:50 Session 5: Distilling with Methods: Moving from Insights to Frameworks [Conference]
15:00-15:40 Session 6: Choosing an Approach: Making Design Decisions [Conference]
15:50-16:30 Session 7: Coming Together: Planning (and Adapting) Your Interfaces [Conference]
16:40-17:20 Session 8: Design by Magic: applying the techniques of magic to user experience design  [Conference]


Day 2 – Thursday, 14th  Sep

09:00-17:00 Session 9: DevUX workshop [Workshop]
12:10-13:00 Lunch


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