Clean Code Days 2015 – A conference about intuitively understandable software engineering

The topic Clean Code has captured massive attention in the last few years. It usually suggests easy to read and traceable code and was originally furthered by Robert C. Martin. A community dealing with this topic was built up round here too.

The benefits of Clean Code are obvious: stable programs, better maintainability of existing and new developed software, finding bugs faster and easier upgrading of software.


  • NH München Ost Conference Center
    Einstein Ring 20
    85609 Aschheim-Dornach


  • 3rd November to 5th November 2015


  • 9:00 am on 3rd November

The Clean Code Days handle two issues: the management and the technical aspect. The management aspect especially addresses the cost reduction by clean software.

  • Which reasons do you have to re-engineer working software?
  • Which advantages have the management in a long term view and how can you measure those advantages monetarily?
  • Which value systems are of importance?
  • What have companies to consider when they except Clean Code in an external allocation?

The technical aspect targets the building of Clean Code and takes a look at the different grades a software engineer can pass through.

For more details on Clean Code days workshops and conferences, registration, go to its official website