BaselOne17 Switzerland 2017

A splendid opportunity for you to gain knowledge in different areas of software application development including choosing frontend strategy, restructuring code base with Java 9, advanced level of Java 9 module and much more. Formerly known as Java Basel, this one-day conference is offering four tracks and anticipating the attendance of 250+ participants, this year.

You can make the most of this event by sharing experiences, exchanging ideas and networking with fellow attendees as well as having fun over food and drinks.

Event Details:-


  • 19th Oct, 2017


  • Market Hall, Basel

Event Schedule:-

Thursday 19th Oct 2017

Room F
Room D3
Room C2
Room E3
08:30 am
Door opening and arrival
09:00 am
09:15 am
Choosing a frontend strategy
Cloud Native Java – Getting started
JDK9 with the Java platform module system
10:15 am
Testing Java Code effectivelyRestructuring code base with Java 9Service discovery in Kubernetes with Fabric8
11:15 am
11:30 am
Building fast and efficient microservices with binary protocol gRPCWhen, why and how to CQRSThe Java 9 Module System – Beyond the Basics
12:30 pm
Lunch / food
 01:45 pmDeepLearning on the JVM – ApacheSystemML and DeepLearning4J on ApacheSpark
Consistently functional programming for the JVM
Programming for the Cloud – Solutions with Amazon Elastic BeanstalkReactive Systems in Java
02:45 pm
Kotlin for Java Developers
Gradle 4.0 Scalable BuildsOpenJDK tools for fun and profitInfrastructure as Code or provisioning of Dockerhosts and Containers
03:45 pm
04:00 pm
Streaming Data Analysis with KubernetesIntel Multi OS EngineSupercharging user experience with machine learningFrom API design and happy users
05:00 pm
05:30 pm

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